Realme Buds Air Review : Best Quality and Premium build at Low Cost

by Hemanth Donga | 23 December 2019

B efore getting into the review let's take a look at its specifications.

Realme Buds comes with 12mm drives with Dynamic bass boost, Bluetooth V5.0 with R1 chip, dual mic, 3 hours music playback time on single charge and total of 17 hours playback time with charging case, wireless charging, touch controls, wear detection and gaming mode. Let's get into review, firstly I would like to split the review into two sections, Pros and the Cons.



Pairing is quiet fast on Realme Buds Air. Once you pair them with your device the every next time you open the lid of the case they will connect to your device with no time.


real me buds colors review by hemanth donga

Coming to design Realme Buds Air has the same design as Apple's AirPods. If you have no knowledge about AirPods then you might can't tell the diffrence between them. But if you are person who like the the design of AirPods then you will love them. The built quality is good. Comes with a quality plastic body. And the fit is good. These weighs 4 grams each. These comes in three colours White, Black and Yellow. Comes with wireless charging and USB Type C port.

Touch controls:

Have you ever faced problems with accidental touches on TWS Earbuds? Well, I personally faced it. Realme got a solution for it. They implemented double tap controls. You can use to pause, play, forward to next song and activate voice assistant. The both earbuds have the same gestures.


The music is a major plus point on Realme Buds Air. The bass is awesome, vocals and highs are good.

Gaming mode:

This feature is my favourite one. Realme calls it gaming mode we can say it as low latency mode. This is the feature I have been searching for on TWS Earbuds. Realme made this possible with the help of R1 chip. This mode makes sure that there is no latency in audio in games and other third party applications.

Wear detection:

These buds have a optical sensor in them. This senor detects whether the earbud is in your ear or not. When you take them out of your ear music or video automatically pauses and resumes as soon as you place back them in your ear.


If you are looking for a TWS Earbuds to use during running and sports, maybe these cannot satisfy you. Even the fit is good there is a chance of falling off because of plastic body.

There is a touch gesture for forwarding the song, but is no gesture for going back to the previous song. Realme could have implemented it by giving different gesture controls on left and right buds.

These gives you about 3 hours of playback time. Realme could have offered better battery life.

Final verdict

If your looking for a TWS Earbuds under a price point of 3999 inr these are the best earbuds you can get right now in Indian market. Even there are few cons we can't go wrong considering the price point. If you ask me, these are my favourite buds right now. If are thinking to get one you can grab them today on Flipkart.